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  • dj set Techno (only news)on vinyl decks with serato recorded 22/09/2018 free download…

    26 septembre 2018
  • dj set Techno recorded @ Matchbox birthday party 4 aout 2018

    15 août 2018
  • dj set Techno recorded @ Little festival le 3 aout 2018

    15 août 2018
  • Festival Tribunion Mexico 2018

    10 avril 2018

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    I mixed on the underground scenes for 20 years, I played music in front of a lot of dance floors during the year that the "tekos" were true and real "teuf" .My style is still underground  for the continuity of my label, and I am always ready to play good hardcore and breakore but I started also played the big Tekno for 5 years and keeping his greasy because I like it !!!!! I am here to prove it to you all, if you have any parties and you want me to mix there it will be with  pleasure that I am going to make you dance, don't hesitate to contact me. Since 1994 and deeplier in 1995 with the collaboration of Tripkoniks (first official sound system), Trolls, les Vodooz and all the underground family from Toulouse we created Tuluz Hard Core in 1996.  I've tried to play in every parties and festival organized by the Family from 1996 to 2001 in France and all around the Europe. I never had trouble to mix or play in different parties. Since 1998, I decided to produce different artist from Toulouse and other cities. I think I have represented them perfectly ! www.homiciderecords.com.


    List of official and unofficial parties... And they are many of them .........06.25.99 Easy bar NYCity 12/05/2001 Bordelik Armada (20 years Trabouillac Sud Ouest) 25/10/2003 Los Perros Lunaticos (Barcelona)? /? / 2003 Karnage party (Aposia Toulouse) 11/03/2004 Hell's kitchen ( Club Lr)) 19/05/2004 Brain confusion (Aposia Toulouse) 04/12/2004 (Poseidon) 24/03/2005 electro cut (misty club) 16/04 / 2005Tnt sound kartel (Poseidon) May 7, 2007 Coalition of sound system (Karnage party has aposia Toulouse) December 8, 2007 Hangard 812 (teuf in Mont marsan in a shed) January 12, 2008 @ Teuf @ Brussels  structure Béton at May 3, 2008 PV Toulouse, September 3, 2011 at 32 Lyon, During 4 winters, we organize a lot of different parties at the ski resort in Switzerland and we always return the dancefloor. I am keep playing when my friends organize big parties in different city in France and in Europe. I have also mixed in Ibiza during the summer 2015, and I want more there...  For the end, I lived on the road with family since 1997.                    I created 2 labels (homicide 12 ref.) and soon the 13th is coming.... and TuluzHardCore (1 ref.) Long life to the underground ! Rave ON !